Taking part in INC'11

InterNosCon keyword is: taking part!

What this convention means to highlight is the desire of collaborating and have fun together to make this event unique and rich in pleasant moments.
To this end the contribution of everyone is needed.

You can take part in INC in three different ways, each important to make the convention really special: you can be

The first way to take part is PLAYING.
To be able to take part the various Events, in fact, a reservation is requested. In this way we avoid useless waiting and the risk of finding yourself without anything interesting to play because all the Events you liked are fully booked.

This point is very important also because it allows Facilitators and Organizers to better coordinate and make sure to offer enoghu Events to keep busy all the attendees. Basically, this is the way to optimize the fun!

To reserve you place for an Event, send a mail at staff@internoscon.it specifying the Events you are interested in and leaving your cellphone number (it will be used just by Secretaries to warn you in case the Event you booked is starting and nobody can find you or similar cases, it won't be made public on the website, given to third parties or such).

Of course, to reserve your place at an Event, you need to be a confirmed attendee, meaning you need to have your subscription completed by the payment of the subscription fee.

Another, warmly advised, way in which to take part is proposing your own Event, apart from playin in those facilitated by others. This is, actually, the key for the success of InterNosCon: the effort of participants in facilitating a gaming Event is what allows everyone to constantly have something fun to do and, that you facilitate one Event or four, you contribution is always welcome.

What does being a Facilitator mean? If you decide to Facilitate and Event, for sure you won't have less fun, but you accept to carry some responsibilities more than the "common player": you shall, in fact, explain the game to the other participants if your Event is for newbies, bring any necessary material (character sheet, cheat sheets, etc.) and let the Organizers know all the necessary info to insert your Event in the Programme and find the players to allow it to actually take place.

Of course, also to be a Event Facilitator you need to be a confirmed attendee, meaning you need to have your subscription completed by the payment of the subscription fee.

The third way to take part is being a Secretary.
If you decide to take up this role, you'll become part of the organization allowing the single Events to practically take place.
You'll be the one in charge of directing the people to the various gaming places, inform of the gaming choices those arriving still without having booked some slots, call at their mobile those who are still missing at the start of the Event they booked to warn them it is about to start. Basically the first objective of the Secretaries is having the maximum number of Events to actually start and allow everyone to play.
Once the Events have begun, the Secretary takes some photo (he'll receive a camera to this end) and wait for the beginning of the following slot to hand on the baton to the next Secretary. Unlike the Facilitator (who plays and has fun even during the Events he facilitates), the Secretary role unfortunately has you spending a part of your time without playing. In a convention like INC this is a huge sacrifice! Thus we decide to recognize to Secretaries a discount of 20% for each slot they'll decide to give up to this important role.

Reminding that Secretaries for 7 slot are needed, if you plan to propose yourself for this role you can send a mail to staff@internoscon.it specifying secretary name and time slot of choice.
Available slots are the following:

  • Friday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Friday evening (19:00 - 24:00)
  • Saturday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Saturday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Sunday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Sunday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)

Of course, also to be a Secretary you need to be a confirmed attendee, meaning you need to have your subscription completed by the payment of the subscription fee.

Organizers and Secretaries are the real authors of our Con, this is why their names end up in the Con "credits" published on the website, the T-shirt and the book.

For avoidance of doubt, let it be clear that you can be both a Facilitator, a Secretary and a Player (for instance taking a slot as Secretary, Facilitating an Event in another slot and playing for the rest of the time).

To avoid a nervous breakdown of the Con organizers, we kindly ask you to give ONE and ONLY ONE name, nickname, name + nickname or what have you for badge, Programme and T-shirt. For avoidance of doubt, let it be known that people asking for things like "I'd like to have John Smith on the badge, instead QWERTY84 on the Programme and Whatchamacallit on the T-shirt will be the subject of a lot of nasty swearing, curses and voodoo rites.

    Who will attend INC'11

    The 55 confirmed guests:

  • Ron Edwards
  • Paul Czege
  • Danielle Lewon
  • Michele Gelli
  • Claudia Cangini
  • Moreno Roncucci
  • Mauro Ghibaudo
  • Luca "+1" Ghibaudo
  • Lapo Luchini
  • Matteo Suppo
  • Katia Davoli
  • Ezio "pozzo adiabatico" Melega
  • Lavinia Fantini
  • Luca "Torre piezometrica" Veluttini
  • Lorenzo Trenti
  • Alessandro Riccò - Gwilberiol
  • Paolo Bosi
  • Enrico Putaturo
  • Sara "Starcatcher" Porello
  • Rocco Duchi - ROCCO_D
  • Niccolò "Domon" Ricchio
  • Michele Pupo
  • Jasmine El Hadj
  • Matteo Turini
  • Andrea Castellani
  • Manuela Soriani
  • Mattia Bulgarelli - Korin Duval
  • Ronny "Gunny" Negrelli
  • Emilio Brognara
  • Marco "Mr Mac" Andreetto
  • Dario Delfino
  • Enrico "slauni" Mola
  • Lavinia Barni
  • Mr. Mario Bolzoni
  • Paolo Davolio
  • Alexandra Zanasi
  • Simone -Spiegel- Micucci
  • Luca "bonisol" Bonisoli
  • Andrea Bruna
  • Malinka
  • il mietitore
  • Errezero
  • Arumas-o-thos
  • Humano
  • AleA
  • Elke
  • Andrea 'Mechvigiak' Vigiak
  • Patrick "patmax17" Marchiodi
  • Jessica "Axel Smile" Menegoli
  • Stefano Preda Predieri
  • Trevor "3evil" Devalle
  • Davide Losito ( Khana )
  • Rafu

    Who will attend INC'11

    The unconfirmed guests:

  • Alan Di Giulio
  • Bazinga
  • Berzoni Gabriele
  • Filomena Cesarano