italian language + english language My life With Angelica [COMPLETE]

by Mattia Bulgarelli / Paul Czege

The "unsafest" game of Internoscon 2010 makes a comeback in a new and improved version!

You're a student of high school or university, in a city of northern Italy.

You're also in love with Angelica. She's blonde, has a perfect body, she know how to use it, she's as egomaniac as a spoiled child, she's as ignorant as a milestone, she has more money than you could count in two lives, she's as cunning as a vixen and as pandering as a pussycat... To you, she's "an angel".

This is the story about how you and others did very, very stupid things for her, in the (hopeless) effort of getting some love from her. This is also the story of how, in the end, you maybe opened your eyes.

In a nutshell, this is "My Life With Master" with That Evil Blonde B***h.

If we'll have non-Italian players, we'll discuss in what city in the world we'll set the game.

  • Facilitator: Mattia Bulgarelli
  • Player number: min. 2, max. 4, not counting the Organizer/Facilitator.
    There are no requirements about gender or previuos experience with the game to subscribe. Most or all of the characters will be male, considering the kind of story this is about, but I have some ideas about female character: if you want one, we'll consider the options at the time we'll play.
  • Partecipant: Paolo Bosi, Daniele Lostia (Humano), Andrea Vigiak, Lapo Luchini
  • Duration: 1 slot
  • Notes: this is a slightly modified version of My Life with Master.
  • Further informations:
    Italian edition of the game:
    Original edition in English

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