Proponi un Evento

The Facilitator is the perfect role for who:

  • has a game he love and knows well and gladly would have it known by more people;
  • knows the rules for a game but has never had the chance to try it;
  • wishes to try something peculiar just with people specifically interested in it: like the hack of a known game, a game just for experienced players, a playtest of their own game;
  • or simply has found so many interesting Events to attend and now wishes to give back to the players community some of the fun he is getting.

In the momento you propose an Event you can specify any request (like an Event ideal for expert/newbie players, a playtest, ecc.). The important thing is to be clear in what kind of Event you're proposing.

The informations to give to Organizers are:

  • la lingua in cui si volgerà l'evento. Le lingue "ufficiali" di INC sono l'italiano e l'inglese. Se proponete eventi in lingua inglese tutto il materiale di cui sotto dovrà essere consegnato in inglese e italiano;
  • Name of the game;
  • brief description of the game;
  • name of Facilitator (*);
  • minimum number of Players to get the Event started;
  • maximum number of Players the Event can gather (and if you have further requests, like a fixed number of men or women, or people who already familiar with the game, or if you wish to play exclusively with lefthanded blonde browncoats born in a odd day, etc.);
  • duration of the Event (usually it is 1 slot, but it can be more than 1);
  • useful links (for instance to the author website, to actual play reports, etc.), anything that could give a better idea of the whole thing to the people who may be inter;
  • your cellphone (this is just for the Organizers and Secretary desk, it won't be published ont the website);
  • day and time slot you wish to have your event take place.

Te available slots are:

  • Friday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Friday evening (19:30 - 24:00)
  • Saturday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Saturday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Sunday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Sunday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)

All this data will allow us to announce your Event in the Programme and collect the players' subscription.

Organizers and Secretaries are the real authors of our Con, this is why their names(*) end up in the Con "credits" published on the website, the T-shirt and the book.

(*) To avoid a nervous breakdown of the Con organizers, we kindly ask you to give ONE and ONLY ONE name, nickname, name + nickname or what have you for badge, programme and T-shirt. For avoidance of doubt, let it be known that people asking for things like "I'd like to have John Smith on the badge, instead QWERTY84 on the programme and WhatchAmACallit on the T-shirt will be the subject of a lot of nasty swearing, curses and voodoo rites.

    Who will attend INC'11

    The 55 confirmed guests:

  • Ron Edwards
  • Paul Czege
  • Danielle Lewon
  • Michele Gelli
  • Claudia Cangini
  • Moreno Roncucci
  • Mauro Ghibaudo
  • Luca "+1" Ghibaudo
  • Lapo Luchini
  • Matteo Suppo
  • Katia Davoli
  • Ezio "pozzo adiabatico" Melega
  • Lavinia Fantini
  • Luca "Torre piezometrica" Veluttini
  • Lorenzo Trenti
  • Alessandro Riccò - Gwilberiol
  • Paolo Bosi
  • Enrico Putaturo
  • Sara "Starcatcher" Porello
  • Rocco Duchi - ROCCO_D
  • Niccolò "Domon" Ricchio
  • Michele Pupo
  • Jasmine El Hadj
  • Matteo Turini
  • Andrea Castellani
  • Manuela Soriani
  • Mattia Bulgarelli - Korin Duval
  • Ronny "Gunny" Negrelli
  • Emilio Brognara
  • Marco "Mr Mac" Andreetto
  • Dario Delfino
  • Enrico "slauni" Mola
  • Lavinia Barni
  • Mr. Mario Bolzoni
  • Paolo Davolio
  • Alexandra Zanasi
  • Simone -Spiegel- Micucci
  • Luca "bonisol" Bonisoli
  • Andrea Bruna
  • Malinka
  • il mietitore
  • Errezero
  • Arumas-o-thos
  • Humano
  • AleA
  • Elke
  • Andrea 'Mechvigiak' Vigiak
  • Patrick "patmax17" Marchiodi
  • Jessica "Axel Smile" Menegoli
  • Stefano Preda Predieri
  • Trevor "3evil" Devalle
  • Davide Losito ( Khana )
  • Rafu

    Who will attend INC'11

    The unconfirmed guests:

  • Alan Di Giulio
  • Bazinga
  • Berzoni Gabriele
  • Filomena Cesarano