"Birra" (italina for beer) comes from latin "bibere" which means "to drink". The most popular brewed beverage int he world was brought in Europe by Etrurian. It was born in Mesopotamia 6000 years ago when humanity discovered the cultivation of cereals. It became currency, offering to the gods and was celebrated in poetry.

This noble tradition continues today in the microbreweries: a liquid food, wholesome, a little sparling. And especially not filtered and pastorized (thus raw, not boiled at the end of the maturation process). A world of unknown tastes, endangered by the standardize products, the shallow blondes of breweries that have become multinational corporations. The scissors of our logo mean the clean cut separating us from industry. They symbolize the necessary manual and artisan craft and hint to the taste for selected products.
And the name? It was a friend fault. "you look like a couple of Cajun people" he said to us. We were sitting on a low wall during the lunch break with our metropolitan natives faces, unkempt beards and cigar in mouth. We were pondering in those days the project of our own brewery, which seemed just like a dream at that time.

We immediately loved that exotic name. A bunch of ugonots expelled from France in '500 after the Saint Bartholomew's massacre crossed the ocean and settled in Nova Scotia. English expected them to change their language, customs and traditions. They then moved to Louisiana. All to stay true to themselves, their french roots, their religion considered heretic. Cajun. A name talking also about us.

Our brewery is in Marradi, in the heart of the Apennines were flows one of the best waters of the lands of Florence. We work for the beer to come back to etrurian lands where it was born. We use high fermentation yeast which we rebrew in the bottles, following traditional methods. Two years of research and experimentation brought us to LOM in 2006: we married a handcrafted beer to the typical Marradi sweet chestnut.

Today our beers are eight, not always all of them available. We don't produce more than 600 litres per day.

The natural brewing process requires, depending on the kind of beer, from thirty to ninety days. We think it best not to hurry, at least at the table...

    Who will attend INC'11

    The 55 confirmed guests:

  • Ron Edwards
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  • Davide Losito ( Khana )
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    Who will attend INC'11

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  • Alan Di Giulio
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  • Filomena Cesarano